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Her casual, nonchalance was a cover-up as, carefully, Collin began to peel away the layers of her facade without her awareness. His ability to shift topics, to change flow, this was a trait that most could not follow nor defend against. That this half-drow woman wanted to despise him because of what she was, was also obvious to him. She was lonely; probably scared too, but used her toughness to cast a shell over her to become cold, hard, unyielding as all good rocks usually are. But even rocks get worn down by the current. Collin knew that he was a kindred spirit of water. He would wear her down.

All people are lonely. Some more than others. Each person is an island even when scattered amidst other islands. As the old adage goes, like ships passing in the night. You just seem... lonely. He scratched the back of his head as he looked at the wall next to him before his mumblings began again. Loneliness is okay. It is a symptom of the disease which we all have. People are... missing... something.

I'm not curious, really. Just observant. You're nervous. What is going on? You are worried? Should we go elsewhere or are you expecting another friend? Walking is not a crime. Would you like to walk with me? He smiled again, a small bit of uncertainty was contained within it as if almost bashfully asking someone whom one likes to dance for the first time. Would you walk with me, lovely one? I would like to know your name.
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