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Katarina looked indignant as a cat with ruffled fur at his question about the fine food. If she knew where she could get the fine food, she would've already gotten it, eaten it, and thrown the scraps to the beggars on the streets. His humorous nature offended and annoyed her to no end, and yet somehow drew her in as well. Her rage simmered down to a cool coal.

-He's not like the drow I've met before.- She thought as she listened with half an ear to his mutterings. He seemed to leave spaces in his sentences, as if he thought half aloud, and half not. The Lady Rogue looked at her fingernails, regarding them in a nonchalant manner as she tried to think of how to respond. Obviously anger would get absolutely no where. He was as bad as the monks. Tolerant, just accepting everything with a 'as you please'.

-Intriguing. I will give him that.- His last question caught her attention, as it was directed at her. It took just a moment for the words to comprehend in her mind, and when they did, she couldn't hide all the shock and surprise from her face this time. Then she rolled her eyes, covering up the truth. "Why would I be lonely? I'm always around people, every minute of every day and night. One can't get lonely when surrounded by others." Her chuckle was slightly malicious.

But his question, and his entire being, had threw her off, and she knew it. A small voice inside her head spoke up. -I'm lonely.- She narrowed her eyes, sending them flashing again, and chased away the softness with a controlled fire of anger.

"Why are you so curious anyway?" She thrust her hip out to one side, resting her left hand on it, and traced her scar again before glancing around again. If she was found in the alley with a drow by a guard, all hell would break loose. She was on a strained relationship with the warriors as it was. Katarina mentally sighed. No guard yet. It wasn't time for patrolling...but soon. She knew it would be soon...
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