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Collin had patience and listened and listened well as she prattled on angrily about her life in the Underdark. Obviously she had lived there too once upon a time once upon a fairytale gone wrong and twisted and perverted by minds so deep, dark that no light of day could find sympathy. He placed a finger on his lower lip as if it needed to be there when he thought.

So much bitterness that one could fill up a well and still run over... Tsk tsk. Lovely and bitter. he mumbled on before looking back at her face after his momentary lapse. Drow gave me this. He pointed to the scar beneath his chin. Surfacers gave me these. He lifted his wrists and clanged the metal cuffs together, symbols of his time in captivity within the depths of ore mines. Nature gave me these. Collin pointed to his long-lashes eyes. I am male. I was raised as a male. I was raised as fodder, little more than cattle. I am still a male. I am always forgotten. I just choose not to forget myself. If you do know where to find fine food, would you invite me over to have some with you? I am hungry. His intelligent gold-orange eyes glittered with humor and good-naturedness.

Then he began to mumble again. It would probably be wise to forget that question she asked of me because she'd only get more angry no matter what I answered. He looked up at her again, studying the smooth lines of her beautiful face, the edged perfection. She was like a hunting cat; predatorial eyes, sharp teeth, mesmorizing eyes. She was like no female he had ever laid eyes on before and, to tell the truth, he hadn't seen a whole lot over the relatively long period of his life. Are you lonely?
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