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Katarina narrowed golden-orange eyes. He was talking to himself. -Is he crazy?- She stepped forward once, and raised a blond eyebrow into an arch. Then his next few sentences came. Working hard to prevent herself from killing him then and there, anger stiffened her spine and shot fire into her eyes. Drow were the ones that had brought her into this world. They tried to break her spirit, and now, this stranger, was asking if she was one. She forced herself to wait until he had finished talking about walking, whether it was being a crime or not.

She struggled to put words between her clenched teeth. "If I were...a...drow..." The word was said with more hate in her voice than any other. "I would be dining on fine foods, and ruling over my family as a Matron in the Underdark by now!"

Her body shuddering from compressed anger, Katarina snarled, showing her pointed canine teeth once more. "Drow. Drow gave me this!" She traced the scar across her face. "Drow are the ones who kept me down in the darkness with eyes that never saw the infra-red spectrum for over thirty years. I am not drow. I am no more than a freak, designed by the Matron's wishes, and raised as an experiment. Half drow, ashamed of my heritage, and kept alive only because I was forgotten for months at a time, and treated as a male warrior student. Now tell me, did you see everything that happened here?!" Close to rage, her words were clipped and precise.

Why was a drow here, now? She had managed to avoid that part of her long past for decades, and now...crop up the drow population in the city. -Why, Gods, Why?- But despite her anger and rage at seeing the dark elf in her city, she was curious all the same. Normally, drow were blind if they were up during the day. She herself was for a while, recovering quicker only because of her eyes being more human than drow.
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