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I suppose I shouldn't be suprised that she saw me. After all, she has eyes. His voice was soft, deep. The instantaneous shock that passed over her face was enough to know that she, regardless of the fact that she obviously had drow blood, was surprised to see him though he had no idea why. It was almost rather adorable to see her trace the edges of her scar across her face. He smiled even in the face of her rather sinister expression. How strange she is. I wonder what she is thinking. Her speech was almost a relief.

Why should it be strange for a drow to be in the city? You are drow too, are you not? The smile was still on his face as he addressed her for he sincerely thought it was strange that she would make sure an awkward statement when she and he were simply two sides of a similar coin. I will have it known that I was not eavesdropping. I was walking. You and your... compatriot who was skulking just happened to be in the path of the walking. The walking is most important, you see. Walking gets you from there to here or here to there. He looked over his shoulder quickly to see if someone was watching before looking back at the rather hostile woman. At least walking is not a crime... yet. Perhaps she thinks walking is a crime! he muttered before looking up to the woman's face with a wide-eyed expression. Perhaps that is why she is... angry and not at all... friendly.
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