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It was only out of the corner of her eye that Kat caught the glimpse of silvery hair waving as someone flattened up against the wall. The fact that they were trying to hide made them even more noticeable though. A glare on her face, she started towards whoever it was, her leather boots making hardly a sound as she stepped in the newcomer's direction, on her toes.

-Did he hear anything? See anything?- She wondered listening to his faint muttering. Even her trained ears couldn't make out just exactly what he was saying though. As he peered around the corner at her, she glared, and then hid surprise as her eyes took in just what he was.

Black skin, silver hair, orange eyes...It all hit her so fast that she barely had time to hide all of the shock. A careful mask of suspicion was placed over her, expression, emotion, all of it concealed. -What is a drow doing on my turf?- She thought to herself, and then, knowing that she had been seen by now, stalked forward again, making no efforts to hide her approach. She stopped a few feet away. Her right hand reached up, as if to brush the silvery-golden hair from her face, but instead traced the scar that ran diagonally across her face. A habit she'd have to break.

"Now isn't that strange. A drow. In my city. It's very few of your kind that venture above ground during the day" She spat out the words, the word 'drow' sounding as if she was spitting out poisoned meat. "Tell me, oh good sir, why you are eavesdropping on my business." Sarcasm laced her words, and they sounded much more like a demand, or an order, rather than a request for information.

Katarina held her expression carefully in check, and shielded emotion from her eyes. Her left hand dropped down to her sword, a warning, and her posture was extremely hostile. -If he saw anything...- She left the thought unfinished. She knew what she would do...
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