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Had it not already been a rather dismal morning it is quite possible that Collin of the House Cantikar might have felt more positive than he normally did. The sun was shining off and on depending upon cloud coverage which was sometimes a little oppressive while the majority of the big, white cottonballs in the sky simply drifted lazily on by. The drow himself had laid across a cart lane for the better part of an hour until the cart drivers were simply too annoyed not to report him any longer. Dismissed as some deadbeat drunk, Collin was therefore shunted aside like any regular baggage and left to his own devices. How rude!

The day carried on smoothly, the humidity in the air heavy suddenly with the high part of the afternoon which simply boded well for precipitation later in the evening. A nice light rain would be relatively beneficial for the majority of the plantlife around here. He simply forgot that he was in a city for a while even though mainly passed by him with an air of uneasiness. I am not a thief... or a drunk... or a cutthroat... nor do I eat babies. Nor do I rape women... or men... or babies. Tsk tsk, such manners they have. With his strange mutterings, they simply rushed on by more quickly.

Perhaps it was fate or happenstance that lead him into an alleyway at a certain time of this certain day. Her hair was high and swinging, short of stature and compace in muscles. The man beside her was a thin thing who looked rather seedy and bookish all at once. The man scurried off like a rat in danger and the woman began to glance around. Collin, seeing this, suddenly felt a little... exposed. So he attempted to flatten himself against the nearest wall, his silvery hair waving like a flag of surrender even in the shadows of the alleyway. I wonder if she saw me. I wonder if she can hear me. Hmm... I wonder what they were saying anyway. He scratched his head gently and then peered back around the corner to see if she had found him.
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Some Not-So-Legal Business · City Randatria

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