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Her hair pinned up in an elaborate pony tail high on her head, and her bangs covering the right half of her face, Katarina cut quite the extravagant figure. Her clothes were all black, except for a few designs in orange thread on her bustier, and made her look slightly more human in skin color. All that really gave her away now was her ears and eyes. But the slightly pointed ears added a certain elven gracefulness to the curve of her neck, and the flow of her hair. Even so, the Lady Rogue had hoped that she could be slightly less conspicuous. But, Fetterman was just somewhat unobservant. Especially in the market place. She adjusted her pack slightly on her shoulders. It was nearly invisible behind her.

People bustled about their business around her, buying a bushel of wheat here, a few ribbons there. They spent their gold and silver freely without worry, almost completely unaware of the thieves among them. The half-drow's sharp, trained eyes found them. There, stealing the old nobles pouch, was Theadore, and by the fruitstand, acting as a maid, was Teresa. With a sigh, she leaned back, wishing for some shadow to hide in, or a cloaks cowl to hide her face. Reaching up with a delicate, slim finger, she traced the scar that came in a diagonal stripe across her eye, cheek and nose. It was the biggest flaw she had. All other signs of weakness could be hidden, all other former injuries disguised.

Golden orange eyes flickered back and forth from person to person. -Where the hell is he?- She thought, looking down at her nails, pointed into claws. If Fetterman wasn't there in five minutes, she was going to leave. A noblewoman, -Lady Broncish-, passed the half-elf, and shot a look of disgust at her. Standing straight and letting a hand drop to one of her two swords, she shot a malicious grin back. Sharpened canine teeth gleamed white in the bright sun, and with a hurried step, the woman and her entourage left.

Kitten cursed quietly, under her breath, and then finally spotted Fetterman. A scowl flashed across her features, before being replaced by a careful, half-secretive smile. Walking up behind the small, wiry man, she placed a hand on his shoulder, drawing his gaze back to her. "Fetterman, so nice to see you." She blinked, jerked her head towards the alley, and then nodded good day to the merchant before heading discreetly as possible to where she had just indicated.

It took another five minutes before Fetterman came into the alley. Katarina was ready for him. He was not ready for her. Catching the man by surprise, she grabbed his shirt, slammed him against the wall of the building next to her, and pinned him there, knife against his throat. Her voice was pitched low and dangerous. "By the Gods, Fetterman, if I don't get those papers this instant, I will kill you on the spot."

He cringed. "I swear, I just got them yesterday, Lady Rogue!" Pressed back against the wall, he reached slowly down to a pocket and pulled the roll of parchment out.

"You take a long time to get papers, Forger." She snarled, showing pointed teeth, but she let him go. "But as I still have use for you, I suppose I can let you live." She pushed him away from her, and glanced down at the papers. They held directions to a noble's house, the blueprints, and papers that were forged to get someone in the house as a near to royal guest.

"Where's my pay?" He was emboldened by her shoving him away. Katarina snarled again, and threw him a few coppers and a silver. "Feel lucky you kept your life, Fetterman." She snapped, rolling up the papers and sticking them in her pack. Fetterman scurried off, fear being hidden by a rough look of anger shot at her.

Now to find the thief, Karmack. He was paying her a lot of money to get these for him. Approaching the street again, Katarina paused, looking back down the alley to make sure now one had seen the exchange between her and the man.
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