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Adam smiled as Maia slid into place on the ugly horse and then issued her comments. Sure thing, love. Off we go! He grabbed the horse's reins and began to lead the creature off. He knew which direction that he had come from so he knew which direction was away and away was definitely where they needed to go when there were guardsmen concerned. Adam had little to say and he knew that Maia wasn't very talkative so the morning passed by without incidence. Adam walked the horse and kept up a fairly good pace. He was well muscled and exercised from all of his trainings so, while he couldn't walk all day, he could maintain a decent human pace for several hours without much complaint from his muscles.

It was about noon when they came upon a road. Oh good! A road. Right nearby a tollbridge in the direction that they wanted to go.

Stop right there! You need to pay to use the bridge! The higwayman was dressed in black along with his two companions. All three were sword wielding miscreants, lightly armored in leather with strips of leather over their faces as sorry-looking masks to keep their identities a secret to all whom they robbed.

Great... Highwaymen. Adam sighed heavily, thankful that he was still wearing his sword and buckler. My good friends. If you'd but stand aside. We have little money. My wife gouged it all from me and, quite frankly, my dear, dear love has been taken afoul and in need of medical attention. I but need to cross over.

The men looked at each other, assessing their feelings, before the leader looked at Adam again. If you're a halfbreed lover, then I'm sorry t'say, sir, that I can't let you pass.

Adam's brows lowered. I take offense to your tone, sir. This lady is a lady, beautiful, proud, and not at all a specimen to look down upon. Stand aside or I must insist a duel!
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