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A small grunt escaped her as Adam swung her into his arms, and she made herself not circle her arms around his neck. It would not do. Bad enough that she wasn't killing him for touching her without her voiced consent. Bad enough that she had to sleep next to him to make him not suffer from horrible nightmares... As he set her down by the horse, readying his hands to help her onto the animal, she wondered what his night terrors were about.

Carefully, she took hold of the horse's mane, and then stepped into Adam's hands, and with a grunt of effort and a straining pull, managed to get her body mostly onto the horse's back. She shifted, swinging her leg awkwardly over it's back and settling before scooting into place behind the gelding's withers.Clinging the the mane in her fist, she shivered. The barrel of the animal's ribs was slippery with fur that had been well taken care of. Her legs were inclined to slip. With a grumble, she hiked her knees a little higher, to grip where his withers were thinner, and thus easier to hold onto. Swallowing nervously. "Alright, now that I'm so regally sitting bareback upon this horse, likely to fall off any second, can we get going?[/color
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