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Well, she didn't argue with me. Excellent. Adam smiled, eating a bit of his own jerky from a belt pouch. Great! It's a plan then. I'll just get you up on the horse then. The man was quick about his movements. He kicked in the remnants of the fire first and then went about scooping up the woman off of her feet from behind and moving her to the horse. The horse, without its saddle, looked at them both with a lazy expression. Without its saddle, it supposed it wouldn't have to worry about riders. Unfortunately, Adam needed Maia to ride the horse so she wouldn't slow him down too much and he'd lead the horse. For a while anyway. He didn't expect that either one of them was a phenomenal rider to begin with and bareback seemed like a dangerous and desperate ploy. Adam set her on her feet beside the creature and then offered his hands as a stepping stone to the back of the horse. I'll lead it. You can sit on it like the regal lady you are and we'll worry about the saddle issue later. Maybe we can find one at a farm nearby if we do it right.

Adam obviously had had a good night's sleep. He was bursting with enthusiasm about this new leg of his journey to eradicate the legal system of Randatria. See the sights, pretend that Maia is my mistress, plan... What could possibly go wrong? It'll be an adventure!
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