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Maia let her face settle into it's regular, relatively blank, look as Adam started speaking. She belted her weapons on, and stronger than the day before, got slightly unsteadily to her feet to step over to her pack. She pulled the bundle up into her arms, adn then dug through it to get at the jerky, before looking at Adam with a strip in her hand. She searched his eyes, annoyed with the way he talked as if he woudl just talk over whatever she might try to say.

With a small tilt of her head, she spoke around the stick of dried meat. "I suppose you can tell them whatever you want as a cover story, but don't expect me to hang all over you. I hate playing at being the useless female type." She tilted her head. "I probably shouldn't walk much, unless you want to go slower than a turtle in winter." She moved slightly towards the horse, being careful so that she didn't stumble, but it was obvious that she was clumsy in her movements and would stumble if walking for long.
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