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Adam's copped partial feel was good enough as it was. His hand slid down her as she shifted and moved away from him, giving him more of a broad definition of what Maia was like underneath all of her clothes. Though he had seen it before and lots of things like it, it was always an interesting game. He gave a faux yawn and sat up as Maia stretched her lean body, his eyes glimpsing her as discreetly as he could manage before he stretched his arms out as well, shifting his spine and finally standing. We should make for Taelothloren. It's far enough from Randatria for us to lay low for a while, but still get intel on perhaps who blew the whistle and landed us out here. I'm sure that I could make us some connections. We'd just need some suitable cover stories. I could be a... hmm... career military man who decided to run away with his mistress because his wife was crazy? You could obviously be my mistress. How about it? Sounds like a good plan. I'm about ready to go. Do you need something for breakfast? We still have apples, jerky, and your supply of, what was it, stale bread?

The blond man was already moving to reequip his sword and buckler and gather up some apples. His green eyes flahsed brilliantly as he was cornering Maia into agreeing with him by speaking quickly so she couldn't argue in between statements. However, the day was shaping up to be lovely and warm.
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