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Thankfully, Maia didn't dream much, though her sleep was uneasy. She woke fully to discover her head feeling clearer than the day before, and her limbs felt stronger, if not yet strong as usual. The fire had burned down to coals in front of her, she could see, and Adam's warmth remained behind her, though now he was pressed tightly against her, as he hadn't been when she had fallen asleep. His hand was up higher on her ribs too, far too close to where she didn't want it to be. Grumbling slightly, the half elf shifted in his grip, and could see the sun peeking over the horizon, well on the way to fully above the hills in the distance. She moved to sit up, poking Adam slightly with her elbow as she did. "Time to wake, sleepy. No dizziness followed her movement, and she sighed in relief. Hopefully she didn't have as bad a head injury as she had thought. The side of her head ached with the bruise, and the horse was dozing in a relaxed position by the tree Adam had tied it to.

Maia stretched a little, arching her back and raising her hands up towards the sky before shifting a little more to reach for her weapons.

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