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Adam snorted as she ordered him to go to sleep. But she's no virgin. She has admitted that she's bedded a man before. Wait... No. She didn't admit that it was a man. Maybe she... But the way she looked at me before... She's just confused. She'll give it up eventually. I just have to figure out what the other person had that I don't. At least, what I don't have yet. He would have petted her hair, but the hood she was wearing made it impossible. Instead, he gave up thinking and drifted off into sleep. And when Death came for him, he offered the woman up in his stead and was left in peace.

In his dream, he saw he needed to spend some time away from Randatria to free himself from the guards and their ever extending corruption. He would go to Taelothloren, city of the elves. There he would find his respite from being hunted and be able to return once more to his home city after that. His green eyes fluttered open in the morning's dark embrace, the burning of dawn's light just beginning to eat up the dark sky. Their campfire smoldered, but the woman in his arms hadn't escaped or left him yet. Her eyes were closed yet when he leaned over her to look just a little. He settled back to his sleeping position and slowly moved the hand around her from her waist to just under her breast. He could feel the mild curvature next to the outer portion of his thumb. It was harmless. She was wearing her shirt. He simply closed his eyes again and breathed in the scent of the dew laden grass and the smell of her damp cloak. He was somewhat wet as it was, but it didn't bother him much. As soon as the sun came up, it would evaporate, he told himself. He realized that he had inched closer to her in the night already, his chest was against her back again without the space in between that she had tried to gain. Adam just felt that it would be easier for her if he pretended to still be asleep. So that's what he did as he waited for her to wake up.
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