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Maia tensed in his arms at his sultry tone, and worse, the way her belly seemed to warm at the thought. She wasn't worried about gentleness, or whether she was treated like a queen or not. He made her feel things far to vividly. It wasn't safe to let him know her intimately, emotionally or physically. Already she had let too much slip. Her voice was hoarse, rough with a harsh note. "How you would treat me has little to do with it, Adam. I don't like being touched. You should be able to see that that is reason enough for me to avoid such intimacy at all."

She didn't look at him, instead, closing her eyes and shifting slightly, uncomfortable in his loose embrace. "Go to sleep." She slowed her breathing, trying to fall asleep herself. it wasn't working very well. The heat at her back made her remember that she was curled up against Adam, which made her think of his kiss and the mixture of pleasure and hatred she had felt afterwards. It made her think of how he was both cruel and kind, when ever it benefitted him. She was too weak right now to fight him, but he would wait for her to come to him...Like that will ever happen! But she shivered inside, feeling like it just might.

She fell into an uneasy sleep, not shifting much, but her eyes flashing back and forth behidn her lids.
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