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Adam snuggled against her once she settled back inside his arms. Though his grip was looser, he still found a way to inch closer to her as if she were some child's sleeping toy, only much larger and with breasts. His palm lay against her stomach and hip and he breathed in the scent of her with his cheek against the back of her head. There is always a choice, my dear, but you seem to resign yourself to whatever option you believe is the one you will dislike more. You could always leave. Or try to, in your case. You could start making a loud noise in the hopes to draw someone here though perhaps you are afraid that I would hurt you in your current state. You could try to convince me to find a farm nearby and a farmer's daughter to while my night away with. You could sleep with your knives and stare at me, huddled in the darkness as I fight Death alone. You could try to kill me. You could bed me, which I would agree would be much more fun. You could return my embrace... which may lead to you bedding me. Heh. Instead, apparently, I make your life too complicated and that you'd hand me off to another woman with less than a second of thought. Your loss, dear Maia. And besides, why would I ever suggest that you could argue with me? You'd be less... tractable if I said that you had a choice in the matter.

I suppose you're right. But I'm not really that complicated. Are you sure you don't want anything more from me? I'm very gentle and I'd treat you like a queen. His cat-like smile blossomed on his face though she was not looking at him. It was already too late for her to try to pull away from him now that she was in his arms, but she could say no again and he'd not force the issue again. At least, not for now... again. A good bedding helps everyone sleep. Even frigid women who don't want anything to do with the men that might be near them...
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