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Maia sat up weakly as Adam let her go, and twisted her fingers to undo the buckle of her weapons, as well as pulling the one on the thong around her neck off. She set her belt and weapons near where they would be in easy reach, and turned to look at Adam for a moment. His eyes glittered with reflected firelight. She blinked, and tried not to stare, starting to lose herself in that blissfully jeweled color. Swallowing, Maia shifted to settle back, curling on her left side, as she had been, but shifted a little farther away from the man who had carried her there. She was not comfortable with his touch.

Heat radiated out from the man as she settled, and it soothed tense muscles some, but still she remained tense, and unmoving. Her hip sat at an angle so as not to leave her sore in the morning, but other than that, she remained still. Her cloak separated her from Adam more, and made her a little more comfortable. From here, she could imagine she was curled up in a corner that fit her perfectly, and was warmed by a fire from the other side maybe...

But her mind wouldn't let her stay with that gentle illusion. It made her remember the way he had so carefully hooked her into his arms, and how he had been, while cautious, gentle and caring. So far... Of course, you're only using each other, so what's it matter? She let her right hand rest on the coil of her whip knife, trying to ignore the way his chest pressed slightly against her back because of how she lay, or how she knew his arm would circle her waist any moment, hesitant because of the volatile way she might react, but confident all the same. And so it did. Not tightly, or even very firmly, but around her waist nonetheless.

His yawn sounded loud and her own tiredness exerted itself. "It's not like I have much choice, Adam... It's this or get woken by your nightmares... if there was another woman to hand you over too, I would. You make my life far too complicated...She didn't even think of the words as they slipped out, but after, she clenched her jaw. Yet again, she had let something slip.
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