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Adam snorted softly as the resigned voice coming from her throat said everything he was hoping it would. His arms released her to move her weapons where she wanted them to be. She was allowing him to do more as he wished with her than simply hissing and spitting at him like some foul mouthed street cat. Tame an animal slowly, they say, but I'm an impatient man. At times. I'm glad I was able to help you warm up a little. I'm also glad that you're not going to stab me. His eyes were open, glittering green with a spark of mischief in them. His mouth had curved into a half smile and he waited with his arm on his thigh until she'd get comfortable again when he'd rewrap it around her, only looser.

A yawn escaped him again. Adam realized that he was most certainly getting drowsy. Of course, neither one of them seemed as if they were going to keep watch, but the charismatic young man believed in the power of his own ears and hoped that it would be enough to dissuade the denizens of the dark to leave them alone. At least for a night. Thank you for agreeing to sleep beside me, Maia. Again with the soft voice, inherently drowsy sounding, but deep and rich.
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