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Then I suppose I regret I don’t have blue eyes.” He meant that, too. He’d have been delighted to receive the honor of being apprenticed to a clearly powerful mage, even if the hovering eyes did send a bit of an uneasy chill up his spine. After all, despite the discomfort at being watched by so many eyes, imagining himself wielding such power would have sent a feeling of delight through him, but alas, it was not to be.

Besides, the Grand Spell of Fear was certainly adequate, and the trade was more along the lines of what he’d been expecting when he arrived, anyway.

That sounds reasonable. May I request your aid in removing my kidney? I’m not sure how efficiently I could do it on my own.

Despite his words, Nymmur’ss felt uneasy at the thought of trading a kidney, realizing that he’d gain very little magic if all spells came at such a cost, and knowing it would take some time to recover. However, he knew that any uneasiness would simply show as weakness in Magus’s eyes, and certainly wouldn’t do him any favors, so he resolved to be casual about the whole affair, and perhaps take a shot at impressing the mage at his willingness to make sacrifices for his magic, if nothing else.
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