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Kelter saw the half-orcs move towards him. They were going to come up on either side of him. He couldn't block clubs. His trident dagger could catch blades and even the handles of blunt weapons like maces, but not clubs. He'd only be able to catch one of their clubs if it were near their hand, and at that it was only one of two clubs. And so he didn't block. He also didn't know where they would be going for with their weapons, and so he just decided to get out of their way altogether. He looked behind him at the table and dived under it, the tip of a club slamming against the heel of his boot.

He scrambled up, unharmed, the club only having scraped against the boot's heel as opposed to his. He gripped his weapons tightly and stood up, slamming his back against the underside of the table. It flipped, the tabletop landing facing the half-orcs. They weren't bolted down to the floor after all. He nudged the table towards the brothers with his leg, the table also knocking over a few chairs, knowing it wouldn't harm them but just hoping to postpone them so that he could think.

Thirst began to sink in again. The still-hot handle of his schiavona and slightly less hot handle of his dagger made his hands wetter than usual. He was going to get tired quickly. He looked around at the ramps to the other levels that hugged the edges of the cavern. He doubted he'd be able to reach one of them before the crowd blocked them off completely. He could always jump, too. He'd be able to land on one of the ramps if he jumped properly.

But he'd fight for now. In looking at the brothers he also found Kayra, and now that he had a chance to think he began to have second thoughts. He cast his gaze back towards the orcs although she was still in his vision, and although he was looking at the threats he was focusing on her. He chided himself and glanced away, his eyes wandering around the cavern in an effort to erase her image from his mind's eye, to replace it with something, anything. But nothing came. Kelter took a step back. He really needed time to think now.
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