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Lappa gasped as her throat was cut, but it was too late for her to save herself. Kayra was shoved off to the side with a squeak, her eyes wild in the manner of a cornered animal. Ryvala was still sitting with one of her eyebrows raised while Jik looked back and forth between Kelter and Ryvala to determine which way was more prudent, leaning towards the wood elf due to the fact that she knew the people in charge and the dwarf was just looking to butcher some people. Jik hated fighting. It was too difficult to keep it up. So be it then, dwarf. Get him! Krat motioned with a hand.

The two half orc brothers got up, lugging their clubs with them. They flanked Kelter from opposite sides. As mercs, they didn't need honor, only pay. Both came in at one, one aiming for the dwarf's head and the other aiming for his feet, the clubs swinging in from opposite directions. It was the best they could think of and Krat was waiting for a good moment. He was already standing on all four hooves again, his broad bulk imposing. Several other mercs were priming their weapons to get ready to join the fray of currently two to one, but soon to be more like ten to one.


Magus cackled. You already don't have enough parts for the Spell of Scattered Visions. Hee hee! Besides, I only teach that to my apprentices. As you might have heard, all of my apprentices have only one eye. He clapped his hands and dropped from the seat that he had been on. His entire height only brought him to the drow's waist. Several more eyes of different colors floated up from various parts of the room and began to rotate around Magus's guest. Some others simply hovered in place, the optic nerves dangling from their forms, waving back and forth slightly as if some unfelt breeze was wafting past. The Grand Spell of Fear is more within your price ranges, methinks. All I'd need for that one is your left kidney. You don't need two. And I'd write up the spell on parchment for you. The crazy wizard grinned.
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