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His eyes widened at the declaration that he had no money along with the eyeball floating around his waist. Well, he supposed that perhaps the Magus would have liked money as payment, though it didn’t matter anyway since Nymmur’ss doubted he could have gotten enough money before coming here to offer any sort of decent payment, and his resupply of weapons had been necessary. However, if the look Magus was giving him was any indication, Nymmur’ss had quite a few parts that he could use.

I would like to learn all of it, though I suspect that if I asked for that, I’d have too few parts left over to cast any of it. That spell with the eye is quite interesting, and I’m sure I’d be able to acquire eyes from someone else should I have need of them, but I also was quite fascinated by that spell that made me see my half-sister.

He knew he might have to decide, but he figured he may as well let Magus consider which he’d rather teach the drow, and perhaps if the price was fair, Nymmur’ss would consider paying up for both.
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