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Kelter watched as Lappa moved towards them, his eyes following the tip of the rope as it was unravelled. Ah, thought Kelter as Kayra began to speak. She knows that I am a rogue. She isn't quite as foolish as she looks. He glanced at Signon, barely bothering to move his head, and then he looked forward to Lappa again.

And then Kayra was upon her. Kelter scorned himself in this moment, this second, where he simply stood still, unmoving. He knew that this would happen. He had told himself that this, exactly this, would happen, and yet he had ignored it. But now it had happened and what he did next he did almost without thinking. He drew his dagger, pushed Kayra off Lappa with all of his body weight and, simultaneously, slit the elf's throat.

He stood straight again, drew his schiavona, and turned to the crowd. How could I have let her get to me? he thought, trying to compose his breathing. You are no longer a prince and you will never be a king, Kelter! "Come on!" he roared, needing to find a place for his anger. While adrenaline was still coursing through him he did not care about Kayra. In an instant he had abandoned her for survival's sake and now that he had killed one of their mercs he cast out all thoughts of protecting her. Now, Kelter was once more fighting only for Kelter.
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