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Lappa, go bind his hands and collect his weapons. The centaur jerked his head towards the defeated dwarf. The elf bowwoman nodded and went towards Kelter, unrolling a rope that she had in the small satchel she carried.

Kayra, freed from the arrow, looked around panicked. Her eyes were wide, terror filled. Something was happening and she couldn't understand it. Andric's no prince! He's... He's just a rogue! Leave him alone.

Signon shook his head. You've been deceived, woman. He's Prince Kelter of Kaldevan, he is.

Lappa was close to the two dwarves when Kayra flung herself at the elf with surprising speed. NO! Run, Andric, run! I'll hold her off! The elf toppled with the dwarven woman pummeling at her face. The door was already sealed. There was nowhere to run to, but Kayra had hoped to buy him some time to escape or to kill for his freedom. Of course, the better thing for him to do if he had feelings for the former brothel girl would be to pull her off the elf and keep surrendering. But Kayra didn't care about that. She only knew that the man that she had feelings for was in trouble and she'd go to any lengths to save him.


Magus giggled in his high pitched fashion. No money! No money! I see what's in your pockets and it's no money! A floating eyeball drifted past the drow's waist. It was blue which meant that it certainly wasn't Magus's in the first place. I take eyes, but currently, yours are too red. I like the blue ones. They float better, but green and gray are not bad either. He giggled and kicked his little legs. He looked over the drow with a big grin splitting his face, his mouth only had a few teeth in it and none of them seemed to be in a row with another. I can teach many things about illusions and spells that prey on the weaknesses of the hear amongst some other things. What were you looking to learn? That might give me a better idea of what sort of payment you will owe me. He rubbed his short fingered hands together vigorously as if he was expecting a very good present very soon. And the way the man looked over Nymmur'ss' body was the exact same way that a person would look over a steak that was set before him when he was starving.
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