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Nymmur’ss was shocked, then gleeful when he saw that he’d been fighting a statue the entire time. It was an illusion, a test to see if he was worthy to meet the mage, and he had passed. He thought he should try pulling his dagger free of the statue, but for that moment, he turned his attention to the mage.

The man, if he was indeed a man at all and not some sort of humanoid creature, was hideous, but Nymmur’ss had expected no less when he’d heard the others talk about the mage. He grinned when he heard the gleeful tone with which he spoke, feeling exhilarated that he was found worthy, that feeling enhanced by the pounding in his chest from the fight that had just ended and the adrenaline pumping through his body, filling him with an energy that he could barely tamp down enough to focus on the task ahead of him.

For a moment his mind went blank on what he’d planned to say, but Nymmur’ss quickly regained his bearings, he hoped in enough time that the mage would not notice his hesitation. “I heard about your mystic talents, and I wish to learn about the arcane arts from you. In return, I’d be willing to give whatever it is in my power to give, to complete any task you wish completed, though I would like to state a preference for not being asked for something that would result in my guaranteed demise, such as my internal organs.

The statement was meant to make it clear that he was serious and was willing to make sacrifices, but he did want to make that one desire known, as he wasn’t entirely sure that this mage would realize that he had such a desire, for while the drow was eager to learn from him, he did not think the man’s sanity was necessarily a reliable element in this interaction. Besides, it did establish that he wasn’t thinking of monetary payment, which was important as he had no money.
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