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Alcohol spilled over Kelter's boots in the silence. He simply let the dagger remain in the back of the man he had accidentally stabbed, not bothering to take it out again and go for Signon's throat once more. Kayra broke the silence but Kelter kept his. He listened to Ryvala talk of how beneficial the reward on his head would be for them. He didn't blame her. He would've done the same thing. Jik spoke. Yes, Kelter thought. Everyone'll be happy...

He watched Ryvala's elven friend (or rival) aim the bow at him and barely blinked as the arrow was let loose, although after he heard a stumble beside him to turned as quick as he could to see what had happened. Kayra cried out. He'd kill everyone in this room if they gave him the chance, but not Kayra. No, not Kayra, he couldn't kill her. His eyes flashed down to the table. It was wooden and bore a single, pillar-like leg down the middle. If he were taller, say, human-sized, he might be able to put his foot behind it, tip it over, cover Kayra from anymore arrows and then protect her as he fought. But he was a dwarf. He couldn't tip the table with his hands, not the way he wanted it anyway, and such an act would take too long. Kelter was invincible. Kayra was not.

"Ok," he said, pulling off his hood. He considered setting his weapons on the table although didn't want to risk an arrow to the face. Everyone was already on edge as it was, especially with Kelter's previous mishap involving a weapon. He just pulled the arrow that was holding Kayra down out of the table and let it fall to the ground. He glanced at her and realised that she had broken him. Her, of all people. He considered fighting again, knowing that the loss wouldn't be too great, knowing that he'd find someone else, that he still had a few years ahead of him, but probably just unwilling to admit to himself that she had beaten his resolve.

But he couldn't bring himself to unsheath any of his weapons. He simply turned around and said, "Let's go to Kaldevan."
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