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The Sublime Overlord of the Realm
Kayra frowned, looking around almost frantically at the large group of people that were getting out of their seats. Their escape route was sealed, there was no one to help them, no chance to escape. A... Andric...? The dagger was wrenched out of her grasp and flung. The woman gasped, now weaponless. Signon ducked and the dagger plunged into the back of a human who had been drinking quite peacefully only moments ago. The tankard as well as the man's upper half slammed against the table before the metal drinking device tumbled to the stone flooring, splashing all the way. There was an uncanny silence that remained. Andric, what can we do? We're cut off. Kayra's voice was on the edge of a shrill whisper. She was frightened and weaponless. Ryvala? The wood elf smirked.

You sure picked one hell of a man to fawn after, Kayra. A prince to boot. What would be bad about getting him back to his home country? If we went along with it, we might possibly be rich. We would probably be thanked by his royal highness's kin and have a decent place to hang our boots for a while. What's so wrong about that? Isn't that right, furball? Shiny things in your bathtub, shiny rings on your fingers, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. The wood elf waved her hand carelessly as if admiring the invisible shining rings on her fingers.

Jik's head cocked to the side, his teeth were bared in his mildly unsettling attempt at a human grin. Shineys are Jik's favorite things. Short Man, just let us take you to your country. Jik can collect bounty and everyone be happy!

The centaur chuckled jovially. Listen to your friend, dwarf. We'll all take you back to Kaldevan. It would be easy. Lappa?

The bow wielding elf woman turned her weapon towards Kelter, smiling grimly. Sure thing, Krat. The bowstring was released and it loosed the shaft like a rocket. Kayra's arm was yanked with amazing speed as she stumbled and fell, pinned to a table, by her sleeve. For now. Her side was painful, all of her breath had been knocked out of her at the contact.

No...! Her voice was wheezy as she looked back to her beloved Andric. Signon looked on, preparing to strike with whatever came to mind, as well as several of the other mercs in the bar. Ryvala sat calmly, waiting for things to play out. Jik just looked at the auburn haired woman as if looking for clues to what he should be doing next.


Nymmur'ss knife plunged into a wooden statue that looked vaguely like a person in terror. It was small, but heavy, pulling his weapon down with the weight. Raveon had disappeared as had the wound on the drow man's face. It could still be felt, but it was nothing but an illusion cooked up by the mind. A small man, bald headed, wearing an eyepatch on his left eye looked on, a crazed smile pasted on his face. He clapped and laughed. Well done! Well done! Hee heeee! I knew I would find someone with steel in his bones eventually. Welcome welcome, masochist, to my humble abode! Why, pray thee, have you come to visit this humble wizard?

Magus sat on a table, his short legs far from the floor. He wore a brown robe, his one visible eye was a jaundiced yellow surrounding a golden and slitted pupil. It was hard to tell if he was a short human or a deformed or mutated dwarf. He had wispy white whiskers on his chin, but they were thin and uneven. His teeth were not at all straight nor did he have all of them and his nose was turned up at the end, like a pig's. He wiggled his little legs and waited for a response from the drow who was miraculously unharmed and probably fit to burst with adrenaline still pumping through his veins.
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