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Nymmur’ss jumped back at the sight of the whip being cracked, but not fast enough to get out of it’s range entirely, and the three heads of the whip slashed across his face, sinking into and tearing through the flesh of his face. It would scar, he knew, but he had many scars already, and what mattered more was that it was not a mortal wound.

Now that he was simply thinking of this as a battle, rather than focusing on the fact that it was a battle against a female of his house, Nymmur’ss began focusing on his tactical advantages, of which he realized he had many. Raveon Arkenrae had come prepared for a subservient slave that may need to be beaten back into submission, not for full combat. Such was apparent by her choice of weapon, good for inflicting large amounts of pain, but bad for a quick kill, and bad for close quarter combat. If he stayed too close to her for her to crack him with the heads of the whip, he’d likely win unless she had another trick up her sleeve. She had the advantage of intimidation, of course, but he could try a few tricks to wrest that away from her as well.

Though he felt like running away, Nymmur’ss forced a smile onto his face. “One thing you didn’t take into account. I’m a masochist.

And with that, Nymmur’ss charged at Raveon, attempting to stab her.
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