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Kelter should have expected this. His attempts at sending the crowd into a desperate struggle to knock him unconcious as opposed to have them working together had failed spectacularly. He glanced at the centaur. "Ah, so you are all --" Kayra interrupted him by stepping in front of him. There was no point in playing along with her delusions of him being a 'simple dwarf' anymore. "Kayra, don't put yourself in this position, I'm not worth it. You have no idea what you'd be getting yourself into."

He then turned to Jik. "Now, furball, don't try anything." He quickly thought of a threat befitting a rogue, as even though he had been revealed as a prince he was no less a rogue, and spoke it as well as he could. "If you do, I'll burn your heart away with your own stomach acid." Kelter needed to incite the crowd somehow, give him an edge, although realised that it was now too late to refute Signon's claims of his princehood. Kelter cursed himself. He hadn't been thinking at all and wondered where his usual tactics had gone.

There didn't seem to be a way around this. The mercenaries were led by the centaur, meaning that they'd be acting smarter than usual. The door that they had entered was undoubtedly closed and impossible for one man to open. He knew he didn't have a chance. He could either fight and get taken to Kaldevan or surrender and get taken to Kaldevan. He looked around, unsure of who was going to fight him and who was going to stand there. Anyone with half a brain would take the chance though.

Kayra was still standing in front of him. It was settled. Kelter was going down, but not without a fight. The scars he gained here would be further proof to his father that he did not want to be a prince. He wrenched the dagger out of Kayra's hands and swung it towards Signon's throat.
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