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The centaur chortled at the goings-on. It was altogether too amusing. One dwarf bowing to another, the whispers coming from all over like a solid hiss. Well, this is a most interesting proposal. I suppose a "lost prince" has a bounty for his return, wouldn't he? Probably worth more than nine silver coins for beating one to death?

Signon lifted his head. He'd be worth gold. Real gold!

Shiny gold? Jik's head looked up, startled. Jik like shiney gold! The centaur laughed louder.

Okay, "Prince Kelter," how about we all just swarm you at once and take you back to Kaldevan then? It would be easy.

Kayra's chair slid back and she stood in front of Andric with her ineffectual dagger held before her, her face worried and pasted across with a false fierceness that any one of these mercenaries could see through easily. You leave Andric alone! He's not going to this... this... wherever! You heard him, he's no prince! He's just a simple dwarf, like me. And we're going to leave here now. If anyone tries to hurt him, I'll... I'll... I'll cut them!

Ryvala rolled her eyes and stayed quiet, wanting to see how this would play out. There were plenty of things she could think of to do with gold as a part of the bounty. Jik was already looking at Kelter as if he was made of the shiny gold that Jik wanted to get his hands on. However, several others were getting out of their seats slowly, preparing to take out the woman to get at the prince in order to truss him up with chains and haul him back to Kaldevan. The promise of gold was better than a desert full of sand. Signon had already gotten up and was thinking about joining the mercs to get his payday.


An act of defiance. It took Raveon by surprise. The knife came out of its sheathe and slashed through her midsection. She shrieked and brought up a hand to hold her entrails in before they leaked out. She brought up her whip and flashed it down at Nym's face with all of her strength. Die! Die then! Matron be damned! She was determined to kill him or at least wound him severely so she could watch him bleed out slowly or even pick out parts of his organs that she could use to make a necklace to give to their Matron instead. It would be such a good trinket that might cause her to get a decent beating, but still run along with her life. If... her entrails didn't come out first.
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