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Suddenly, it didn’t matter to Nymmur’ss if this was real or not. He thought of the fact that if he left now, he’d likely never get another chance to meet Magus, and he thought of going back to the Underdark. While he knew that there was a chance that if he used his skills to please their Matron he would be forgiven and things could go back to the way they were, but he hadn’t run away because he found things acceptable as they were. If he went back, he knew, he’d never have access to magic, and as intimidating and terrifying as his sister was, he realized, she was no more powerful than the guards he’d killed before.

And so he uttered a single word. “No.

And with that, in a single movement, Nymmur’ss pulled his new knife out of its sheath, launching himself forward and trying to slice open her belly. She may be family, but he was from a place where that meant nothing. To him, he was attacking an oppressor, battling for freedom and opportunity, and he decided that that was worth fighting to the death for. Let his family send more of his sisters for him, he would be free, and he would meet the Magus.
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