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Kelter had been panicking. Yes, he realised all too late that he had been panicking, not thinking things through at all, and now someone was bowing in front of him. He had not counted on this. Kayra asked what was going on and soon his other companions were speaking up as well. Kelter searched for the drow, but found him gone. The only time I need you and you're gone, he thought, sneering. He turned back towards the bowing dwarf in front of him and realised that he couldn't kill him as easily as he had thought. There were eyes everywhere.

Kelter stayed silent, unsure of how to deal with this situation. Perhaps he should have planned for a moment like this earlier, back when he was safe. "I am not a prince!" he yelled in an attempt to silence the whispers that came from the dwarves of the room staring at him. He poured himself some more water and then downed it as if it were some strong alcohol. Then he stood up, wiped his mouth with the leather strapped to his arm, and looked around once more.

He looked back down at the dwarf who had prostrated himself in Prince Kelter's honour. He couldn't put a dagger to his throat and make his way out of here, none of these people would care for his life. He wouldn't be able to do the same with Kayra, either. He could fight his way out, but he doubted he'd actually defeat them all. Kayra would probably help but wouldn't be much of one, and he was unsure that Jik would be on his side when he wrapped his small mind around the possibility of a reward. Ryvala probably wouldn't even get up.

He wondered what would happen in he surrendered. Would all the dwarves in this room escort him back to Kaldevan? Or would they somehow notify someone to send some gaurds down here? Either of those options involved Kelter being placed in chains, and it would harder to escape from there than it would be from here. He turned to Kayra, thought about telling her to run, to just leave, but decided against it. And then he turned to Jik, wondered if he could use him somehow, but knew that he wouldn't fight for anyone and that there were no shineys to tempt him to do so.

Kelter knew they'd keep him alive and so did the only thing he had done for the past year. He threw his coin purse onto the table and wondered if these people were greedy or smart. He glanced at all the dwarves, anticipating Signon to come at him at any moment. "There's nine silver in there," Kelter said, his eyes flashing to his coin purse. He gulped. "It's going to the person who can bring me down." And now, he thought, whatever happens, happens.
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