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Signon had listened to the other man's words. It became more obvious that he had lied about never having been to Kaldevan. Even when he said that he was a royal guard, that still didn't seem right. It was only dawning on him the resemblance between Prince Vidmung and this stranger. Even his lack of use of titles was beginning to give it away. The second that Kelter's true name came out, Signon's eyes widened and he stumbled back from his chair as he pushed away from the table. Kayra was still in between them. You! The dwarven man sank to his knees, prostrating himself on the ground in front of his liege so that his nose touched the ground. Your Highness! I didn't recognize you! Forgive me, Prince Kelter! The room had quieted as many eyes were instantly riveted in place on the exchange between dwarves.

Kayra looked at the man on the floor and back to her beloved Andric. Andric... What's going on? Her face could be read easily. She was confused and now suddenly concerned.

Ryvala rocked her chair back. Well well... This is interesting. A small smile was on her face as she rubbed her chin with a light hand. The dwarven mercs in the area began to realize that they could be paid handsomely for the return of this prince. By now, especially by now, Kelter had been gone a long while and his father, King Erfolg, was offering rewards for information. Just think of the amount of money they could receive if they returned the lost prince, alive and well, to his ailing father. The sound of gold was clinking in their ears.

Jik was just as bewildered as Kayra. Jik does not understand all of this. Short Man is no prince. Short Man is a murderer...

Shut up, furball! Ryvala's hiss seemed to get absorbed by the whispers that had suddenly started getting louder.


Raveon smiled cruelly at this pathetic male, a younger half brother that had fled from the Underdark. Her booted heels clicked on the stone flooring as she came nearer; one foot lashing out to kick him in the side. I'm glad to see that you have not forgotten your manners, male. Now you're going to stand up, turn around, and you're going to walk out of this room. We are going back to the Underdark. Our Matron will be especially pleased to see you again, I'm sure. She has excellent plans for you. If you refuse, I will simply have to prove to you what you are. Now move! Her whip was held at the ready for any sign of movement that was disobediant. This drow woman had a reputation of not needing any excuse to use the bite of her whip on any male who displeased her and even those that had done nothing. In fact, based upon the way she was caressing its length, she was already wishing to use it on Nymmur'ss already and holding herself back took an extreme amount of self control.
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