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The second his eyes caught a glimpse of his eldest sister, Nymmur’ss’s heart pounded in his chest and his throat felt like it was closing, his stomach dropping, and all the sensations of dread ran through him. She commanded he kneel, and so he dropped to the ground so quickly that his knees hurt as they slammed against the hard floor and he bowed his head in submission.

What was she doing here? Probably sent to retrieve him, take him back to the Underdark to be executed for his disobedience. Did she know he’d sought to practice magic? If so, he was most definitely to be executed, as a male who knew magic would be too dangerous to allow to live, and yet, despite his skill with a blade and his arrows, he could not bring himself to attack the one who he was so used to receiving orders from.

On the other hand, she may be some sort of illusion, as mages liked to cast those, perhaps a spell to show him his greatest fear? If so, he suspected that there was a particular way Magus would like to see him behave, but he also suspected that any bravery on his part would only further ensure his doom if she was real. If it was a spell to keep people away who had ill intentions, then it would help him to say why he was there, but otherwise, saying this would only confirm the extent of his rebelliousness.

Not knowing what to do, he simply continued to kneel.
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