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Seeing, Sage tense, and Sel stand up, Rani put her hands on her own sword hilts, and started straining to hear anything out of the ordinary. The silence was like a solid blanket in the night, covering everything. It's way too quiet. She bent her knees, setting her hooves solidly on the ground, ready to spring up if needed.

As the young bandit shot out from behind the tree, with a shout, and a few other bandits came from around the camp, Rani shot up to her feet faster than it seemed possible for such a big creature. Her swords were out as she cursed her lack of notice out loud. Two of the five men came towards her, one from behind, one from the side. Another seemed to waver for a second, torn between going after her and going after Sel. A kind of crazed grin came onto her face, and her eyes flashed, before launching a kick out behind her. She didn't care if it hit or not, but if it didn't make the bandit dodge, than she was a banded rat.

Spinning on her hind legs right after that, she reared up, kicking out with heavy hooves at the second bandit with a loud, wordless cry that sounded similar to the battle cry of a stallion. The crazy grin that spread across her face wasn't comforting to the two bandits attacking her. One dodged her hooves in front, and the other was starting to stand up again, a hoof-shaped dent forming in the links of his ragged chain mail armor.

(meh....i think it's a bit short...))
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Here we go again... · Uruhyo Forest

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