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Kelter, completely unaware of Nymmur'ss' disappearance and the situation that had befallen him, simply stared at the dwarf. Kelter was beginning to sweat now. This dwarf seemed determined to discover who he was. He poured more water for himself as casually as he could, although the jug shook more than usual in his hands, and then he drank another glass of water. He wiped his mouth, made it as clear as possible that he was looking around, and then turned to the dwarf and spoke in a lowered voice.

"Well, ok," he said, his eyes also flashing to Kayra. He considered a wink but decided against it. "Well, I might have been a royal guard. I saw the king, Erfolg. Kelter nodded enthusiastically. "Spent a lot of time around him, in fact. That's usually what a royal guard does, actually. Didn't see his sons as much, usually marched 'round with Vidmung, but his other one, not so much. What was his name...?"

Kelter set his head down, leaning it on his hand, his brow furrowed in mock thought. He suddenly snapped his fingers and looked back up, the creases of red fading from his face. "Kelter! That's his name, Kelter. Didn't do much with him, as I said. Sparred with him once, wasn't much of a challenge. But I couldn't've been a royal guard all of my life -- moments of excitement like that only come by once in a while -- and so here I am."

Kelter wouldn't hesitate to kill the dwarf if there were any qualms with his story. It would be easy to make up an excuse, harder to hold it, yes, but any excuse would at least distract them for a bit. None of this hidden intention showed on Kelter's face, though. In fact, undoubtedly, at the mention of Kelter's name the dwarf would recognise the resmblence and Kelter would instantly kill him, without hesitations. His resolve, as did his good expression, wavered slightly as he realised that he was thinking about ending someone's life so casually, but the mask was soon up again.

And what if the dwarf knew something, what if he did recognise him, and yet then stayed silent? It would be safer to simply kill this man, but he would wait. His eyes flashed to the left. For Kayra's sake.
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