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Her slender hand reached out and took the reins of the chestnut mare, moving slowly, but surely as she let the mare take in her scent and then carefully put a foot in the stirrup and swung up. It was a little awkward. She had ridden horses before, but never often. In the city, one did not need a horse, and as a rogue, it was easier and safer to go by foot. Horses tied you down. The mare tossed her head restlessly, partly from early morning spirits, partly because of the unfamiliarity and inexperience of her new rider. Maia tightened her grip on the rein for a moment, and then took a deep breath, loosening her fingers so she could, as her former instructor taught her, "feel" what the horse was going to do as one could do with lockpicks. A soft nudge of her heels brought the chestnut mare into a walk after the dapple grey that Adam rode.

Could've picked something less flashy than chestnut.. She grumbled to herself, the lightening day and the warmth of the slowly rising sun not improving her normal apathetic grouchiness that was often with her in the morning. On the way there,she let the mare follow her natural herd instinct for a moment, using her fingers to muss her hair into a look that said she didn't care how it fell, and smudging the remains of the charcoal from the edges of her eyes. She felt almost naked, unadorned with her usual lining, but the easiest way to get past guards was to seem as innocent as possible. A young girl in her twenties, taking off from the city to look for adventure, would not draw so much attention as one who looked serious, as if she was ready to kill. No. Innocence it was. As they approached the gate, she didn't respond to Adam's words, instead, falling into place behind him, and once in view of the guards, bouncing a little impatiently in her saddle and smiling with feigned excitement. She let her knees fall out, as if she didn't know how to properly ride yet, and let her back lose a little of it's rigidity.

Instead of going to the stern guard, she let herself drift to the other side, where an equally stern looking, but a slightly younger guard stood. She swung down from the saddle as he finished with the person ahead of her. Bouncing on light feet with a broad smile on her face she tugged the snorting mare after her and spoke before the guard could, her voice higher than it would be, and definitely loud with it's excitement. "Goodmorn'n', sir!" She stopped in front of him, eyes wide with a mixture of young emotion.

The younger guard was hard pressed to not smile in return to her grin, and it was apparent in his short breath that he was trying hard to not stare at the girl, who seemed much younger than he, strikingly pretty with her smile. "Why are you leaving, miss? Anything to declare?" The words were rote, the weary question of every guard at the gates, repeated with little variation. Maia was sure this younger guard probably varied it a little more, but he had fallen back on what he had been taught in the face of an excited young woman.

"OH! Excitement an' adventure!" She bounced, nearly dropped the reins of her horse, and the mare started a little, sidestepping and nearly running into a cart. Maia hurriedly pulled the mare close and stroked her neck to calm her. "There ain't much her fer me, sir. I'm 'n orphan, see? I figure maybe I'll find my parents, or at least find a way to make a name for myself. There's plenty of ways to do that, ain't there?!" She looked hopefully at the man, her blue-violet eyes wide and disarming. He paused before replying, as if remembering something, but not sure.

Fool! Rogues never openly confront you. We sneak over the walls at night! "Well, that there is but -"

The support she had wanted came through from the farmer in a cart behind her. "Aw, let 'er through, sir! She'll be back by nightfall, a youngster like that!" The farmer was a slightly grizzled older man.

Feigning insult, Maia shouted back "I will not, ya ol' coot! You'll see!" The guard looked a little panicked as he spoke again.

"Come now, I'm sure you'll do fine. No need for a shouting match... Mount up, Miss, and go find your adventure." He didn't want a scene to take place.

Maia shot a glare over her shoulder as she put her foot in the stirrup and landed in the saddle with an awkward seat. She nudged the mare into a walk, then into a trot, bouncing on the saddle rather than rising and falling with her legs so it wasn't so rough on her or the horse. Best they think she'd be back by nightfall. Maybe she would...

It didn't take too long to catch up to Adam, and it was even a shorter time that they were out of easy sight of the guards, and she let her face settle into it's normal bored look. She ran a hand through her hair to neaten it, and snorted slightly at the guard. He should know better, to look for the fact that there were few half elves with any hint of their elven heritage in their eyes. But few truly knew of Stoneheart other than a vague whisper of poor folk. She was as well hidden as the Lady Rogue herself, and avoided guards more. She said nothing as she came up next to Adam, merely slowing her horse to match his pace, and settling into her seat a little better.
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