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When the waters came, Nymmur’ss gulped at his desperately. He’d never felt so dehydrated. While he’d gone without food for a while in the past and even water, he’d never done so in such hot and dry conditions, and it was a relief to finally have water in his mouth. By the time Ryvala began to speak, his water was gone, but he felt a bit better. He wouldn’t mind having more to drink, of course, but at least now he’d be able to concentrate more on what he was seeking than on his thirst.

When Ryvala explained to him what Magus would ask for in payment, he nodded. That sounded acceptable, as long as what he had to teach was good. It was something he had and could survive losing, and he figured that once he learned magic, small features of the body would begin to matter less to him, as he could focus more on the arcane than physical things. He did hope, though, that he wouldn’t lose an eye. The other things would be fine, but he didn’t want to lose his depth perception.

He certainly wasn’t going to wait and possibly lose this chance, however, not matter what the price may be. Giving a simple nod, Nymmur’ss took advantage of the distraction and, as stealthily as he could, slipped out of his seat and stalked through the shadows, heading quietly out of the room, before following the directions given. His heart was pounding and he went as quickly as he could without sacrificing stealth, both because he didn’t want to increase the amount of time he could get caught in and because he was eager to reach this Magus.

Once he reached the dark hallway with no torches, his excitement grew. At this point, he realized, no one but a dwarf or another drow would see him in this dark, and it felt almost like a version of his home only without the danger. He was practically there. He reached the room she told him about and found the tapestry and, like she said, the wall slid away.

He hurried down this hallway, and stepped with eager anticipation into the room where Magus was said to live.
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