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Momentarily unhappy because his ruse had been seen through, Adam pushed it aside. I am always ready. I even retrieved a horse for you. Let us be off then. His voice was a whisper as well, sticking to the short, concise, and the obvious until they were further from potential discovery. For all that he was a rogue and that taking things that weren't his was a natural phenomena, neither did he take stupid risks... with himself anyway. Adam affected a limp, offering the reins of the chestnut mare to the woman. His dappled gray gelding was beginning to look at Adam in a most uncurious fashion. Once the reins were out of his hand, he got himself into the saddle. The horse was quite placid about the whole thing. He had the creature walk down the street at a slow pace until they were far enough away from the stables of the inn where horseshoes could make sounds without alerting stablehands unnecessarily. Of course, any time someone was awoken when Adam was stealing something was an "unnecessary" occurance. The further they got away from the inn and the closer they got to the gates, the more Adam relaxed.

I suspect it will be a fine day when the sun begins to warm things up. Ah, we're here. What you say about where you're going is up to you. I'm going back to my farm. The guards were checking carts for less desirables making escapes. They would certainly look Adam over. He slid off the horse as custom dictated and approached the guards, his pronounced limp and hunched over appearance eye catching.

Sir, why are you leaving the city? Anything to declare? A stern looking guard looked over this almost comical figure with a floppy, broad brimmed hat.

Adam smiled, the voice coming out of his mouth decidedly different than the one he used normally. There was a slight wheeze in it and a yokel's drawl. No, sah'. Nuttin' ta declarr. Jus' agoin' back ta meh farm. I wanted ta git sum magic aid fer moles, but none a' them blasted magickers wanted ta help. Nah I gots ta figure it out mehself. He looked like an idiot, sounded like an idiot, and it seemed that guards were quite uncomfortable dealing with idiots.

On your way then, citizen. Best of, uh, luck with the mole problem.

Thank yah, sah'. Thank yah. The rogue tipped his hat, remounted his rather uninspiring horse, and rode out the gates, turning down a path to the right immediately around the gates to wait for the woman to get through, whatever her excuse would be. He didn't figure that she was very notorious and could probably just state that she was leaving because the city was a hellhole. I wonder if a lot of half elves go through the gates and use that line. That would be absolutely hilarious. He pulled the bit of clay from his nose as it had started to itch. I'm sure she'll be along shortly. Then we can get on with it and see Gryphelg about getting her a place to reside. I can get my news update and maybe something to drink for cheap. I'm sure that several missions have come back by now. Already his mind was whirring with the details of the odds and ends of his plans that would hopefully fall together at some point.
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