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Adam had no desire to try to find out her name the hard way. She would give it to him eventually, he was sure of that as she slipped towards the window like a wraith. Her voice was frigid as it intoned her deep-seated beliefs that the gods were trying to make everyone's life hell. But in the end, he watched her slip from the window, her lion's mane hair shining in the sun as she smiled. She'd see him at dawn. See you then. He gave her a wave and a smile in return. Excellent. Now to get something to eat and lock the window. No more visitors today please. I need some rest and maybe some preparation time. I'll have to steal her a horse.

Adam got some food from the innkeeper. It was standard fare. He told the man that he wouldn't be around for breakfast and wanted to take a cold breakfast from him instead. Places to go, people to see, and the like. The innkeeper had dealt with the charismatic young man before. It would be ready. The day and night passed within the blink of an eye and Adam awoke in the dark, lighting a candle to get his things prepared. He was in the stable before even the stablehands had arisen and readied his horse and readied another man's horse as well. Who it belonged to was of little consequence. Adam then burrowed into his saddlebags and began disguising his face so he could get out of the gates as soon as the woman arrived. He placed a floppy brimmed hat on his head, a bit of wet clay mixed with paint to elongate his nose. He swathed himself in a dark blanket and pushed a bundle of straw up under it to make himself a hunchback as he bent over slightly. He planted a wig that was of straight, shoulder length brown hair underneath the hat and waited for the woman to arrive. His green eyes glittered as the first breath of dawn found the sky, turning it from dark to a semidark. He was the only one present in the stable and walked to its entrance with the two horses in tow. He scanned the streets for her and hoped that she would stop to ask him if he'd seen Adam. He always loved that joke. All it took was one close look at his green eyes or of his lips that usually had people realizing that it was true. He couldn't wait forever, however, and if she was late, he would have to leave before the grooms awoke to find the one horse and tack stolen. He could not afford the time it would take to hastily backpedal to avoid having to deal with guards and the bribe it would take to get out of it.
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