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Maia stared at him, her angular features tilted, high cheekbones prominent in the dimmer lighting of his room. In truth, it could be seen that she was not completely a healthy weight, though because of her elven blood, she looked skinny anyways. She felt uncomfortable at his looking over, but knew that she could use her body to her advantage. A man like him would want certain..things..from women. String him along carefully, woman... no need to allow him to pressure you, but let him want...

Half-pointed ears tuned in carefully to his voice, she felt a jerk in her gut when he shifted, but carefully kept her space. She could reach the window in less than a second, be out and climbing in less than five. He wouldn't be able to lay hands on her, let alone trap her. But part of her was starting to fear that charismatic sound of his voice. His green eyes were captivating, and she didn't want to look away. It seemed almost as if a battle for dominance would take place, so she kept her gaze cool and business like, keeping her expression neutral once more. As he finished, she hated him for throwing it all at her feet. Choices were hers to make. She never had to see him again. But youwill. Any man like him will be seen time and time again... He would just come back again and again,and her curiosity would wind around her like five cats wanting their dinner.

Something had to be done. Perhaps she could turn this to her own benefit. After all, did not the world deserve to suffer for it's wrongs? The villagers she had first grown with had thought her a changling, inherently evil and dangerous. The rogue who took her from them had treated her like chattel. Now, she had a chance to be someone with power, rather than the powerless... The thought of that twined around her like a seductive scent, and her eye took a thoughtful look to them as she looked away from his gaze for a moment.

Mind made up, she slipped silently to her feet, taking two steps and standing within arms reach in front of him, wary of the closeness, but feeling it was needed for the moment. She had to convince him that she was for him, or else he would never take her into confidence. One hip cocked at an angle, she bent a little to bring her eyes to the same level as his. "The gods know that nobody is pleased totally with their life, Adam. I am convinced that they make sure of it." Her tone was freezing, filled with the hatred of one who had hated for so long, that the hatred itself had become a hated companion to fill the void inside.

She stood straight once more, and stepped away, her lithe body moving quietly and her hips swaying as she moved in a leisurely manner to the window. She glanced over her shoulder as she climbed into the windowsill, and bestowed Adam a dazzling smile, one the turned her from merely striking to strikingly pretty in an exotic way similar to that of elves. "I shall see you at dawn, Adam." She did not offer her name, instead, wondering if he would bother to ask her outright, or find someone in the street later that would know of her. There were not many of her description, though she did tend to remain as obscure as possible. The poor knew of her. She was ruthless as a rogue.

There was a reason she had become named Stoneheart. Without another pause, she started to slip out the window and reached for the lattice to allow her back down. She would spend the night in the stables. After all, she needed nothing that she did not have on her.
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