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Adam didn't miss her narrowed eyes crawling up and down his form, a smile turning up on her face. He knew what he looked like and he knew that many appreciated it. He appreciated them appreciating him. It made him lift one eyebrow, his own smile still in place. She could have his body. Her own was fairly attractive which made a casual dalliance not out of the question, but they had just met and her body was already tensing for flight. No, she'd not appreciate an offer like that at this point. No, no. We need to make a common cause first or at least get her on the payroll. Just like a horse, they need to be broken in slowly by introducing them to the environment in which you would like them to live. Horse, this is your bridle which I will use to lead you about. And this is your saddle which I will use to sit on your back so you can take me where I wish to go. Oh the analogies. Horrible, but apt. First, dear woman, this is your bridle. If you choose to accept it, I will use it to lead you about by the head after I give you nice treats to entice you to stay. He did not wish to laugh at the witty comments in his head so he glanced her over instead, it was a fairly decent paced travel, starting from her feet and moving upwards. Thin underneath all that. Small waist, small breasts, pronounced collarbone, sharp jaw... The purple is a nice touch. Rather dazzling, if angry sort of eyes. Half elves... So angry at the world, they always seem. She's probably fairly muscular if she could climb up the latticework and fairly... limber and flexible if she can squeeze through the window opening. I wonder what she's like in bed? Probably... Heh. Business before pleasure, Adam. Business before pleasure. His thoughts took only seconds as his eyes found and held hers, the slightly darker coloration in the one odd, but somewhat lovely in its manner.

The man tipped his head slightly as he looked at her and chuckled. Not 'some mudpit farm,' dear woman. It is a "staging ground" and quite nice too, I might add. He exhaled in a soft rush before brushing the hair back from his forehead again. What would be in it for you is the chance to be apart of something bigger than just yourself. Or... if that sort of cause doesn't entice you, it is the chance to utilize your skills for a purpose and, from what I've seen, you have quite a number. There is food for all that are apart of my... resistance movement, and a chance at advancement. I'm looking for skilled people who have ideas and strength, people that I can trust. He sat up slowly again, not wishing to startle the obviously jumpy sort of woman, his feet on the floor, his elbows on his knees, his chin propped upon his upraised knuckles; the form of the thinker. His green eyes latched onto hers again, burning with that intense inner fire that he held like a lantern inside himself. If you're as good as you appear, I'll give you a command if you can prove yourself against those others I have assigned leadership. Her gaze was icy. I wonder how she'd melt... In a kiss? Held in someone's arms? Maybe she's always icy, saving her flexibilities for the job only? That would be a pity. No woman should go to waste. If not for a cause, would you fight for a tent and food? A bedroll, a canvas over your head, and decent meal a day isn't something some of us have all the time, but with me, you can. If you are looking for men, either casual or long term, I have plenty. If you don't like men, there are women that have joined my cause as well. Men, women, both, who knows what this one likes though I'm leaning towards men because of the way she looks at me, unless of course, she's playing an angle. Everyone has an angle. Because you came here, you need only look inside yourself to know that there is something that this life isn't offering you, that's not satisfying you. If you were content with the way things are, you would not have come to me. Why not give it a chance? If you decide not to stay, then you are free to leave. I don't punish those who go. But the guards do punish people who come back. Interrogations, beatings, torture. Of course... they don't know anything because they were only peons and you can't find knowledge where there was none to begin with. Or there are fines, excessive taxes, hostages taken from their families and held. Of course, then some of the family then turns to me in order to protest the unjust quality of it all and the cycle begins anew. Corrupt systems breed corruption and perpetuates the cycle. Only by destroying the cycle can rebirth begin. They might say that I am mad, but there is a logic even in madness. Take the night. Think about it. If you meet me in the stables at first light, then you'll come with me. If you don't, then you don't. But if you don't and then change your mind, follow the whisperers and you'll find me again.

The blond man didn't need to pressure her. His finesse would take care of it if the seed were planted. She would either meet him tomorrow morning or declare that she would right now or she wouldn't and perhaps she would find his other staging area and eventually work her way towards finding him once more from Lockley's Landing. Of course, he would be going back to his headquarters first at the farm only an hour distant. It was a smaller facility with only his most trusted people and a few odds and ends. She could probably even track him to Gryphelg's Farm if she stayed near enough. He would have to listen for her behind him if she didn't show herself. Ah, contingency planning for strays. At least she's a fairly good looking stray. Keres could do with facial recreation. And so the choice belonged to the half elven woman who hadn't even given him her name yet, but Adam was a patient man.
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