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She wanted to snort at his grin. It was charming, boyish, almost, and tugged at something in her, quickly squashed down beneath rage and hatred that built up in her all of her life.The sudden relaxation of him, sprawling out over the bed, made her narrow her eyes and part of her was ready to flee a hidden trick. But she forced herself to remain still for now, letting her gaze travel over him quickly in an appreciative glance. Maia held a small smile quirking one side of her mouth up, knowing that he should respond as most men would to such a glance. It could be slow work to figure out his plans, but it might be worth the slight amount of fun she might have in stringing him along.

Listening to him talk, she wanted to growl in frustration. He was too smart to just give her all the information. She wasn't sure if she wanted to join his cause yet, though it seemed like it was a just one. The poor were often mistreated, but she didn't care all that much. But he would not tell her more... not unless.. Her eyes met his in a calculating manner. Long lashes blinked slowly, and her body tensed, as if she were ready to flow to her feet and slip out the window once more. But his gaze held her and his words beckoned her to stay.

Torn between survival's easier route and the challenge and curiosity she felt, Maia felt the draw towards him become more powerful than before. She swallowed and growled. "I have little reason to follow you out to some mudpit farm, Adam." His name slipped out of her mouth. She had paid attention enough on the streets that she had gotten the name everyone called him. And if it wasn't his true name, well, who really cared? "What's in it for me, if I join you?" She new the law well enough to know that sharing her ideas with him would put her in on the jobs as well, no matter if she participated or not. But she didn't want to enter into something that brought nothing to her.. Her gaze was icy upon him, as if she could freeze him there with a look.
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