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When the waters came, Kelter asked for an extra jug and, after some persuasion, the serving wench went to get them some. He suspected that he'd be drinking most of it as he had already finished the water she had given him. Much to his frustration, the dwarf was still with them, although he wasn't standing or sitting as close now. At least that was something. Kelter glanced at the dwarf as he slammed his palm on the table and stared, unphased, as he spoke.

"Kaldevan rests at the foot of the Hiskarin mountains, as far as I know. I've never been there, dwarf. As for where we'll go, I don't quite know, Kayra." He hadn't quite realised it until now but she had upset all of his plans. He could no longer be a rogue in main cities, he would have to live with her, create another facade. She was complicating things more than he thought.

"Perhaps we'll go north, head to Kaldevan," he said jokingly, casting the dwarf a glance. The jug arrived and Kelter poured himself some more water, taking a sip. "Say, where'd you possibly get the idea that I've been in Kaldevan? Have you worked there?" The sudden change to friendly conversation was a strange one, even to Kelter, but he hoped he wouldn't arouse any further suspicion.
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