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Jik sat down quickly near Kelter and decided upon water too against his better judgement that something alcoholic might soothe his nerves better. When the waters came, he sipped at his, lapping at it with his tongue at times. He just kept to himself and didn't talk. Kayra sat on Kelter's other side, smiling pleasantly. She hadn't heard Andric's remarks about killing people really. She had brushed it off fairly quickly. The other dwarf was still looking at Kelter, his brows furrowed as if that would help him remember who Kelter was. The comment had not turned him off the search due to the fact that anyone in the Hole was undoubtedly already a murderer in some capacity. He had sat down on Kayra's other side. She was pretending that she didn't notice, her body turned so that she could look at Andric easily should he talk to her. So this is an interesting place, isn't it? I don't think I would have believed that this place existed if I wasn't already here.

Jik frowned. Jik believes that this place doesn't exist. Jik is dying at a mirage somewhere in the middle of the desert. Kayra laughed at Jik's mopey tone and Jik's frown deepened. This one is not amused by your amusement.

Andric, where do you think we'll go after this? Surely we'll only be here for a little while. Jik and you and I don't really have any business here like Nym and Ryvala do. I mean, where will we go? North? Maybe we'll find ourselves in a big city or--

The other dwarf slapped his palm down on the table loudly, interrupting Kayra. Kaldevan! That's where I've seen you before! You must have worked there! I remember your face was... more bearded. No scar. The dwarf was a black bearded creature with stone gray eyes, armored in layered hides and bone with a double bladed axe at his disposal.

Where is Kaldevan?

Ryvala had sat down at the other side of the table, nearer to the drow. Magus is eccentric at best. He might demand an eye or an ear... or maybe a testicle. Usually things in a set so you could still live if he took one. He's crazy, but fair. I wasn't sure he was still alive, but sounds like he still is. If you want, you can sneak out of here and find him. I have to see the idiot they allowed to be in charge first; otherwise, I'd take you to where he used to live if he's not still there. Her voice was very soft. She didn't wish for their "captors" to hear her. Most of them weren't paying attention to them right now anyway. The half orcs who appeared to be brothers were over by the bar. The dwarf was speaking to Andric. Lappa was broodily looking out the door for some reason and the centaur was still trying to find a place to sit down comfortably. If you want to go, head out the door, turn right, follow the ramp down eight levels, turn into the tunnel on the right there. Follow that path past two doorways on your right. There should be a third doorway on your right. That's the one you want. Open the door, follow the path. It's sort of curvy, just keep following it. There won't be any torches there, but that shouldn't be a problem for you. At the end will be a room that looks empty. Enter it. There will be a tapestry on the wall to your left, push it aside, place your palm on the wall and it should slide over to make a passageway. Magus lives at the end of it. If you want to go do it, you need to go now or you'll have to wait and there may not be another chance. She was keeping an eye on their watchers who still weren't paying much attention in order to make sure it was all clear for Nym to go. Ryvala was an expert hand at this sort of thing as she had done it more than once herself.
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