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I don’t know what’s good for me, and I look forward to seeking him out.” Then he decided that he could afford to venture a query about payment, as it was clear from the sound of things that Magus’s strangeness went beyond with wizardry. “Do you know what sort of thing he’d ask for in payment?

Nymmur’ss followed, feeling at home in the cavern. The unknowable depths didn’t bother him, as pits and such were common in caves and he was used to needing to be aware of where he was putting his feet. Aside from the torches and the lack of drow, the latter of which he was glad to not have around, this place was much like his home.

Get rid of the torches, and this place would be perfect.” As things were, it was pleasant looking around in the lower light after having been in the dessert, and when they finally arrived where they had been headed things only got better.

He didn’t care that he had to order water. With his dehydration, water was all he wanted. Nymmur’ss sat at the table with the others and ordered a water himself, eager to quench his thirst.
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