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She's... sitting down. The hook had set in. She, while still further away from him, had released her excessive caution, departed from her window perch, and come into the room. Her strange weapon was still settled around her. Adam had to admit to himself that he'd never seen anything like it though he was far from all-knowing in the field of combat. She settled herself in the chair as if she owned it, a leg rolled up underneath her. Her question would be easy enough to answer already, but he didn't quite trust her at this point. It would not be good to give away too many secrets to an initiate if that was what she would have herself be. That she would be a lovely bedfellow, probably flexible and lithe, he had little doubt. Fortunately, he had already been satiated recently and had little drive to press the matter at current. A part of him felt that this one would flee as if her head caught fire if he spoke on the matter at all so soon.

Well, if you're no assassin... Adam gifted her with one of his vibrant smiles as he tipped onto his left side and stretched out onto the bed, his left arm propping up his head and his right resting gently on the sheets. It was better to be comfortable. Of course, I don't expect peasants to fight against guards and knights. Outright suicide is wasteful. That's why I have my staging grounds.

Though many in the city were loyal to Lady Rogue, there were many who were willing to work for both or for coin. Adam had numerous thieves stealing bits and pieces from the local armories, purchased services from blacksmiths or simply talked them into joining him for little cost like he had the farmers and their families to feed the army he was raising. Thieves, rogues, the city was full of people like that, especially in Gutter Town where Lady Rogue paid them little mind save for in extraneous situations. A paid rogue had little to do with such a mucky and disgustingly dangerous place as that. And there was nothing to steal of value there for any thief. It was a nesting place, not a place to keep valuables or one's home. You seem to have ideas. Pray tell, enlighten me with your thoughts. It is rare that I have company in the city. His green eyes glittered as he looked at her, engaging eye contact as well as looking alert and attentive. Besides one could just as easily get hung for co-conspiracy than for just doing it yourself. If she shared any ideas with him, she was already guilty and might as well just take the full plunge into joining him. Or, perhaps, you might wish to join me when I leave tomorrow morning to go to one of my staging grounds? You may then see all of the parts that are already in place and offer your suggestions. He wouldn't push for more than that. The suggestion was enough. She could flee now or stay. It was her choice though it might not seem like much of one at times.
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