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Maia couldnt' take her eyes off of this man. As he paced the room, she watched him, shifting warily when he stepped too close. When he stood by the window, looking down onto the street, the woman seemed ready to flee at any moment. Even at a distance slightly more than an arms length away, she seemed to believe it was too close. And it was. She hated close fighting. But he moved back to his seat fairly quickly, his irritation seeming to rub at her skin, as if chafing to get under it.

Her eyes narrowed slightly as he now directed questions at her, and her head cocked to the side. But the forthrightness with which he asked if she were a hired assassin to kill him, made a low, sinister chuckle escape her lips. Her smile was coy. "Now, I doubt that killing you woudl be to either of our advantages. Were I an assassin, I don't believe I would have come in the daylight hours... " Her hand dropped to the coil of padded chain at her hip. "Though I have to say, such a challenge would seem interesting." How she loathed the intrigue she felt towards this man. Better to kill him and be done with it.

Her face found its way back into it's neutral, guarded expression, her eyes cold once more. "But, to answer your question, no. I'm not an assassin, and guards would sooner hire a mercenary troop to be rid of you than someone such as myself... No. I simply heard of you, saw you, and,since you invited me, decided I'd drop by. Your plans are..intriguing to say the least." Now she moved, but rather than sitting in the chair where it was, picked it up, set it so that she was a bit farther from the bed, and sat down, the back of the chair to her left side, and her right knee curled up, her foot resting on the seat. "But for all the rabble you may raise with your speeches in market places... can you truly expect that they can go against armored guards, untrained, untried, unblooded poor folk? You need more than just fodder for the battles you plan to wage." Her mind spiraled in strategy. But she couldn't plan for such a large thing as this. He thought to overthrow the world...
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