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Maia hid her smile as her words sparked exactly what she had hoped. Essentially, it was his ideals. The man was preaching. He woudl make a good churchman.. oh, but he woudl gather crowds for whatever god he decided to serve... Hatred welled up in her at the thought of the gods. Hadn't they, after all, never intervened to make her life better?

And then, with a single phrase, she found herself paying more attention. This world is foul. It echoed around her head as his voice, impassioned by his beliefs, sent tingles down her spine with the sheer ferocity. This was a man with power. She let silence stretch for a moment, and then stared at him with her violet flecked gaze. "The rich are not always the privileged. Perhaps, once they are in power of their homes...but until then...The world singles us all out. Will you save only the poor or will you save the entirety of the world, in your plan to topple the current regime." His idea made her uneasy, but his passion, the anger that rode inside him, drew her in, inexplicably. Better to keep her guard up. And she snapped it firmly into place, hoping to lead him further on, so that she could understand the man better.
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